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GTA 3 Mission Guide

- by IKHAM

Welcome to the GTA3 Mission Guides Section. Below you will find a list of all missions in the game. They ordered as they are available in the game.

WARNING! There is a bug in the mission structure that means that it's possible to not be able to complete all missions, which is required to achieve 100%. If you complete the mission 'Waka-Gashira Wipeout' (the mission where you kill Kenji) for Donald love before you finish all of Kenji's missions, then you obviously cannot complete all missions in the game.

Click the images below to navigate to the various different types of missions.

Click images to access mission guides.
All normal missions on Portland Island All normal missions on Staunton Island
All the phone missions on all Islands Guide to checkpoint scramble missions.

Portland Island
1.Give me liberty

Luigi (Leone Family) - Red Light District
1.Luigi's Girls
2.Dont smack ma bitch up
3.Drive Misty for me - Unlocks Joey Leone missions
4.Pump-Action Pimp
5.The Fuzz-Ball - extra $2000 bonus if all 8 are delivered

Marty Chonks (secret) - Trenton
1. The Crook
2. The Thieves
3. The Wife
4. Her Lover

Joey Leone (Leone Family) - Trenton
1. Mike Lips Last Lunch
2. Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong
3. Van Heist - unlocks El Burro phone missions in hepburn heights.
4. Cipriani's Chauffeur - unlocks Toni Cipriani missions.
5. The Getaway

El burro (Diablo) - Hepburn Heights
1. Tursimo - a chance to get hold of the cheetah for the first time (see mission guide for details)
2. I scream, you scream - a Chance to get hold of a Mr Whopee for the import/export garage.
3. Trial by Fire
4. Big 'n' Veiny - Tursimo can then be done again as many times as you want from this phone.

Toni Cipriani (Leone Family) - St Mark's
1. Taking out the Laundry
2. The Pickup
3. Salvatore called a meeting - unlocks Salvatore missions
4. Triads and Tribulations
5. Blow Fish - Triads will hate you after this mission

Salvatore Leone (Leone Family) - St Mark's
1. Chaperone
2. Cutting the Grass
3. Bomb Da Base: Act i & ii
4. Last requests - Unlocks Staunton Island and Asuka Missions.

Asuka (Yakuza) - Newport
1. Sayonara Salvatore - Unlocks King Courtney phone mission in Aspartia. Mafia begin to hate you.
2. Under Surveillance - Unlocks Kenji missions.
3. Paparazzi Purge
4. Payday For Ray - Unlocks Ray Machowski missions.
5. Two-faced Tanner

King Courtney (Yardies) - Aspartia
1. Bling Bling Scramble
2. Uzi Rider - The Diablo begin to hate you.
3. Gangcar Roundup
4. Kingdom Come - The Yardies begin to hate you.

Kenji (Yakuza) - Torrington
1. Kanbu Bust-out
2. Grand Theft Auto
3. Deal Steal
4. Shima
5. Smack Down

Ray Machowski - Bellville Park
1. Silence the sneak
2. Arms Shortage
3. Evidence Dash - Unlocks Donald Love missions.
4. Gone Fishing
5. Plaster Blaster

---- gap ----- until you complete 'A Drop In The Ocean' for Donald Love

6. Marked Man

Donald Love - Bedford Point
1. Libertator
2. Waka-Gashira Wipeout
3. A Drop In The Ocean - Allows access to Shoreside Vale. Unlocks final mission for Ray Machowski
4. Grand Theft Aero - Unlocks D-Ice phone missions on Shoreside Vale and new Asuka missions.
5. Escort Service
6. Decoy
7. Love's Disappearance

D-Ice (Red Jacks) - Witchita Gardens
1. Uzi Money
2. Toyminator
3. Rigged To Blow
4. Bullion Run
5. Rumble

Asuka (Yakuza) - Rockford
1. Bait
2. Esspresso 2 go!
3. S.A.M - Unlocks mission, 'ransom', at Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove
1. Ransom
2. The Exchange

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reinanpf Jul 28, 2013, 01:28 pm
At last i finish all mission i have been busy in espresso 2 go it so hard i do find 9 n' i will destroy all finish
CountryBoy88 Mar 22, 2013, 11:42 pm
To get all the coffee stalls, drive around until all 7 dots are on the map then start out in Portland island first then figure out the easiest route to hit them all on your way through to shoreside vale
CountryBoy88 Mar 22, 2013, 11:40 pm
I completed the whole list above yet when I check my stats they say I've only completed 66 missions out of 73 total... What am I supposed to do? I don't have any letter icons for missions to go to or any phone icons either... What the hell?
harshmalkan Mar 21, 2013, 07:07 am
plzzz plZz ikham tell me where i will get rhino(tank) plzz m much eagerly waiting for ur reply
ultima Jan 11, 2011, 11:33 am
At last! I did it! I finally did it! I COMPLETED 'THE EXCHANGE'! Whats more? I followed every mission guide in this website! I even collected 100/100 packages with its help! If anyone needs help, do tell me. :) :D ;)
ultima Jan 6, 2011, 10:38 am
I have been following this guide the whole way (I am in Flying Fish right now) and it was soooo accurate! Good job G-Unleashed! Speacial thanks to IKHAM!
ultima Dec 28, 2010, 06:46 am
In the mission 'Sayonara Salvatore' you can get a line runner and park it in front of the entrance of Salvatore's club. No more problem of him reaching his club! Then you can climb the wall using the mafia sentinels parked inside. Take out a sniper rifle and wait for 'em! When they come they come snipe Salvatore's car then blow the people guarding them using the shotgun!
Then you can kill salvatore the same way...

P.S. If this guide helped you then please say thanks in the comments! ;)
redboy613 Jun 26, 2010, 06:44 am
hey i just rilised somthing right every1 wants a helicopter? i wonder if u can hijack catlinas copter somehow
ultima Jun 11, 2010, 06:17 pm
I completed all the main missions and now always save in the shoreside vale hideout.One day, I thought that I would go and fly the dodo.As I walked out, I saw many gang members ( Don't know which, probably the nines ) .They werent shooting at me. I quickly changed my mind.I took out my m-16 and shooted them.Guess what happend?!Some of them had their head blown off by me, some their hands, and some even had their legs blown off!Its was amazing!Even the ambulance people couldn't heal them! ( Of coarse they can't join their body parts with tape! ) It was a wonderfull experience! Even though I had a 3 star wanted level on me!
Muzaffar Mar 15, 2010, 12:36 pm
I need help in mission Kenji
aditya1 Feb 17, 2010, 01:29 pm
hii im 8 years old i passed the gta so happy that its not so hard like san flight misson ...ha ha ha ha ....
Zeppelin Mar 24, 2007, 01:28 am
well, if you only have 35 packages, i suggest that you still might wanna go get whatever weapons you have at your hideout. The more the better seeing as you start with nothing at the begining of the level. I've done it using cheats, but if you don't want to cheat, i'd say either somehow get a tank and park it out in front of the mansion. You can get one at Phils place. Or just go and get some weapons after you escape from the mansion. If you use a tank, you can blast your way through obstructions and run over people on foot and you can get out and collect their weapons. It's really easier to do if you get all the packages first because you can just go get a whole load of benefitial weapons to beat the level. In your situation though, just get what you can and hope for the best.
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